We specialise in organising non-affiliated business conferences. We aim at providing interactive, insightful information and presenting impartial & unbiased views about issues facing businesses in Asia. Our conferences are developed through thorough research and a deep understanding of the critical concerns facing professionals such as yourself, and they are addressed by experts and leaders who have deep knowledge and practical experiences in their respective areas.


We believe in providing maximum returns to our speakers, delegates and partners and are dedicated to providing total customer care. We strive for every conference to make a long lasting impact on our attendees through the provision of insightful information, practical case studies, in-depth discussion, and intimate networking opportunities. Over and above all, we take great pride in being a catalyst for the growth of all businesses and individuals.

Our Upcoming Events

China eCommerce & O2O Strategy Workshop

27 - 28 Feb 2017, Hong Kong | More Information...

Join us at this 2-day workshop to gain insights into China’s complex eCommerce landscape and acquire practical strategies to sell online to Chinese consumers effectively. Examine Chinese online shopping behaviours and learn to leverage on virtual marketplaces such as Tmall, Taobao, JD.com, Yihaodian and XiaoHongShu. Master how to select the right technology and implement China-centric payment methods like Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay etc. for your brand eCommerce site. Discover cross-border selling regulations, custom and tax considerations, and weigh the available options that foreign businesses can adopt. Pick up tips to utilise customer data and integrate different sales channels into a seamless online-to-offline (O2O) experience to optimise eCommerce effectiveness.

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Effective PAs & Executive Assistants Workshop

9 - 10 Mar 2017, Hong Kong | More Information...

This stimulating 2-day workshop will equip your EA/PA with a practical toolkit to accelerate his/her performance to become a proactive, strategic and trusted business partner. Led by Tanya Menzel, a former EA to the CEO of a retail and investment firm, experienced in facilitating trainings for MNCs in Asia, Australia, Europe and Middle East, your EA/PA will pick up best practices in time and workload management, influencing strategies, self-leadership and team effectiveness, conflict resolution, assertiveness and persuasive messaging. He/She will walk away with a renewed passion and commitment, inspired to achieve a higher professional standard to maximise your work efficiency.

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Fraud Detection & Investigation Workshop

13 - 14 Mar 2017, Manila | More Information...

Join this 2-day workshop to acquire the latest skills to successfully detect and investigate fraud. Led by Simon Goddard, a practising consultant with over 30 years of experience in investigating fraud in Asia, examine case studies on procurement fraud, money laundering, corruption, cybercrime, internet fraud, accounting fraud and more. Gain insights on how fraudsters today commit fraud, assess key fraud risks in your organisation and discover common loopholes in whistleblowing programmes for a robust fraud detection system. Acquire investigation best practices by working on two detailed fraud cases and gain cutting edge investigative interviewing skills.

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Social Media & PR 2017 Conference

6 - 7 Mar 2017, Singapore | More Information...
13 - 14 Mar 2017, Hong Kong | More Information...

Join us at this exciting 2-day conference to acquire best practices and new strategies to effectively use social media to maximise stakeholder engagement. Hear from DHL, Diageo, Sony, HSBC, Electrolux, Hong Kong Airlines, Langham Hospitality Group on the dos and don’ts to successfully integrate traditional and social media platforms for holistic communications. Discover how Visa, Alcon, Cargotec, SMRT, Temasek, PSB Academy and more tackle pressing issues including influencer engagement, content creation, visual storytelling, social media strategy, media relations and more. Don’t miss the chance to gain insights into the lessons learnt from BASF in mitigating social media risks and crisis handling.

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Enterprise Risk Management 2017 Event

27 - 29 Mar 2017, Singapore | More Information...

Join this 2-day conference to hear from leading practitioners on the best practices in strategy, people, processes and tools to strengthen ERM robustness. Discover Olam’s roadmap to success in ERM implementation and learn from Singapore Power on the critical success factors and pitfalls to avoid in achieving ERM excellence. Find out how P&G and NTU overcome setbacks in building a risk intelligent culture and don't miss the chance to hear City Developments’ perspective of strategic risks in 2020. Gain fresh insights on how to tackle emerging and cyber risks and acquire risk analytics techniques to increase ERM efficiency.

Our 1-day post-conference workshop on Measuring the Effectiveness of ERM will provide a hands-on and practical approach in setting up measurement parameters including key risk indicators and control self-assessments, benchmarking against international ERM frameworks,  and using maturity models to enhance the effectiveness of ERM.

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Digital Branding Strategy Workshop

3 - 4 Apr 2017, Kuala Lumpur | More Information...

10 - 11 Apr 2017, Jakarta | More Information...

22 - 23 May 2017, Manila | More Information...

Join us at this 2-day workshop to acquire practical strategies to create positive digital brand experiences that build relationships with your consumers. Examine how to map your digital customer journey to identify the right opportunities and touchpoints. Develop an effective integrated digital strategy that moves your consumer from brand awareness, to engagement, to adoption, to advocacy. Learn how to set metrics for social media, owned media and earned media including influencers to measure digital success. Don’t miss the chance to acquire techniques in transmedia storytelling and pick up strategies to drive social media engagement and strengthen your web and mobile brand presence.

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Community Engagement Event

3 - 5 April 2017, Singapore | More Information...

Join us at this 3-day event to discover how leading practitioners in the private, public and NGOs achieve sustainable engagement for long-term social impact. Be inspired with fresh and creative ideas to develop programmes that capture the diverse interests of the public including youths, families, working adults and seniors. Overcome challenges in aligning and sustaining stakeholder interest for win-win partnerships. Don’t miss the chance to hear how to co-create value with the community and effect behaviour change to convert them into active ambassadors. Acquire the latest frameworks, tools and KPIs to evaluate the short-term and long-term impact of your initiatives.

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Social Media Data Analytics Workshop

21 April 2017, Singapore | More Information...

24 April 2017, Hong Kong | More Information...

Join us at this exciting 1-day workshop to acquire the latest social media analytics tools and strategies to sift out actionable insights for business value. Through interactive hands-on exercises, learn how to set strategic metrics, develop a holistic dashboard for data collection and analysis, measure lead conversions and cross-channel attributions, and benchmark results for effective reporting. Witness live demonstrations of social monitoring tools to discover practical applications of algorithmic content curation and evaluating the effectiveness of text and visual content. Don’t miss the chance to find out how to use deep data and predictive analytics to optimise paid social ad performance.

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Managing Dawn Raids Workshop: Policies, Protocols, Response

11 May 2017, Hong Kong | More Information...

Join this 1-day workshop to acquire effective anti-trust compliance policies and strategic response strategies to dawn raids. Hear best practices on what to do during the first hour of a raid – initial steps, key staff, managing internal and external communications. Learn key considerations and difficulties in handling electronic data by examining approaches on how the ICAC, SFC and more seize documents. From a real life global cartel example, discover how to tackle reputational risk, manage leniency and assess multijurisdictional impact.

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